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Real Estate is a joint venture of the real estate agencies within Jackson County.   Our goal is to provide you a quick and easy way to which to search for your next home to join us in Jackson County!  This website,, was designed to help you access information for all real estate listings within Jackson County. 

We hope that you find the home of your dreams, and join us in the communities of Bell & Ross Replica Jackson County!

Rental Housing List

A listing of registered and licensed rental housing units can be found on the City of Jackson website or by clicking on the file below.   The list provides the unit license number, number of bedrooms, rental range, if students are allowed, if pets are allowed, and a contact name and phone number. This is NOT a listing of available units, but rather a listing of registered and licensed rental units. 

Jackson , MN 56143
Amortization Calculator
Bull Market Realty
Scott Bahr
803 3rd Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-2855
Countywide Real Estate
Lee Porter
921 Westbriar Road
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-2104
Fax: (507) 847-2108
EDA Twin Home for Sale
Economic Development
The Jackson Economic Development Authority (EDA) has built a twin home which is now for sale. Please check out the City's webpage for more info.
256 & 258 North Pond Drive
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4423
Hometown Realty of Jackson County
Jo Schneekloth or Deb Buschena
212 3rd Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 849-7700
Fax: (507) 849-7702
Jackson County Property Tax Information
Land & Home Services Unlimited
Dan Pike
410 Springfield Parkway
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-3468
Rental Housing Minimum Maintenance Information
Dave Maschoff

In order to establish reasonable health and safety levels for local residential rental units, the City of Jackson implemented a simple and cost efficient rental housing ordinance in 2008.   You can find more information on the City of Jackson Rental Housing Ordinance on the City of Jackson website or by clicking here.

80 West Ashley
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4410
Stan Sievert Agency
Eric Kruger
330 Main Street
P.O. Box 369
Lakefield , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 662-5351