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There are a lot of factors to consider when chosing a community in which to live.    We hope that the information located here is helpful to you.  Check out what the communities of Jackson County have to offer in the way of housing, utilties, REALLY high speed internet, health and wellness options, financial services, day care ... and relocation and closing assistance.   Then, come and join us!


City of Jackson Utilities

The City of Jackson is supplied natural gas by Minnesota Energy Resources.   The City of Jackson and the Federated Rural Electric Association provide electric service in the area.   The City of Jackson is provided local telephone and internet access by Qwest and Soutwest Minnesota BroadbandSouthwest Minnesota Broadband and the City also provide cable television.  Waste Management provides residential and commercial garbage and recycling service to the City of Jackson.

Please check our website for more information on the City of Jackson Utilities.

80 West Ashley
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4410
Federated Rural Electric

Federated Rural Electric is a distribution electric utility serving member-owners in Jackson and Martin Counties with some along the bordering counties and in Huntington, Iowa. Federated is headquartered in Jackson with a warehouse in Welcome. Federated serves more than 5,000 members and owns 598 miles of underground lines and 1,588 miles of overhead lines.

As a cooperative, we are owned by the members we serve and are governed by a seven-member Board of Directors who are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

77100 US Highway 71
P. O. Box 36
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-3520
Minnesota Energy

Minnesota Energy Resources operates in 51 counties and 165 communities throughout Minnesota - including the City of Jackson.   Minnesota Energy Resources is made up of people creating a premier and growing energy company. We want to give customers the best value in energy and related services. And we're guided by clear values — including integrity.

Phone: (800) 889-9508
Qwest/Century Link
CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States. The company provides broadband, voice and wireless services to consumers and businesses in Jackson and across the country.

For Home:       1-800-244-1111
For Business:   1-800-603-6000
Phone: (800) 244-1111
Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services (SMBS)
SMBS has built fiber-to-the-premise infrastructure to eight rural communities throughout Southwestern Minnesota. The network will consist of a 125 mile fiber ring which will connect the eight communities and an FTTP infrastructure within the communities that will support a total of over 3,500 passings.

The SMBS provides telphone, internet and Rolex Explorer Replica television service to the following communities:

  • Bingham Lake
  • Brewster
  • Heron Lake
  • Jackson
  • Lakefield
  • Okabena
  • Round Lake
  • Wilder
P. O. Box 1006
110 South Highway 86
Lakefield , MN 56150
Phone: (877) 655-7627
Waste Management
We partner with our customers and communities to manage and reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy. 

Our 45,000 employees are committed to Environmental Performance — our mission to maximize resource value, while minimizing environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive. Serving over 20 million residential, industrial, municipal and commercial customers, Waste Management posted $12.52 billion of revenues in 2010.

Real Estate is a joint venture of the real estate agencies within Jackson County.   Our goal is to provide you a quick and easy way to which to search for your next home to join us in Jackson County!  This website,, was designed to help you access information for all real estate listings within Jackson County. 

We hope that you find the home of your dreams, and join us in the communities of Bell & Ross Replica Jackson County!

Rental Housing List

A listing of registered and licensed rental housing units can be found on the City of Jackson website or by clicking on the file below.   The list provides the unit license number, number of bedrooms, rental range, if students are allowed, if pets are allowed, and a contact name and phone number. This is NOT a listing of available units, but rather a listing of registered and licensed rental units. 

Jackson , MN 56143
Amortization Calculator
Bull Market Realty
Scott Bahr
803 3rd Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-2855
Countywide Real Estate
Lee Porter
921 Westbriar Road
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-2104
Fax: (507) 847-2108
EDA Twin Home for Sale
Economic Development
The Jackson Economic Development Authority (EDA) has built a twin home which is now for sale. Please check out the City's webpage for more info.
256 & 258 North Pond Drive
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4423
Hometown Realty of Jackson County
Jo Schneekloth or Deb Buschena
212 3rd Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 849-7700
Fax: (507) 849-7702
Jackson County Property Tax Information
Land & Home Services Unlimited
Dan Pike
410 Springfield Parkway
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-3468
Rental Housing Minimum Maintenance Information
Dave Maschoff

In order to establish reasonable health and safety levels for local residential rental units, the City of Jackson implemented a simple and cost efficient rental housing ordinance in 2008.   You can find more information on the City of Jackson Rental Housing Ordinance on the City of Jackson website or by clicking here.

80 West Ashley
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4410
Stan Sievert Agency
Eric Kruger
330 Main Street
P.O. Box 369
Lakefield , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 662-5351

Body Balance Fitness
602 S Highway 86
Lakefield , MN 56150
Phone: (507) 662-5929
Dr. Dave Kruse
213 Third Avenue North
Lakefield , MN 56150
Phone: (507) 662-6600
Dr. Dave Kruse
709 Second Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-5951
Dr. Debby Christopher, DDS
302 Second Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-3317
Dr. John Beardsley, DDS
323 North Third Ave
Lakefield , MN 56150
Phone: (507) 662-5358
Dr. John Beardsley, DDS
311 Second Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-2310
Dr. Kevin Dunlavey, DDS
607 Second Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-3683
Good Samaritan Society

The Good Samaritan Society – Jackson is a rehabilitation and skilled care center in Jackson, Minn., designed to provide 24-hour care for people following hospitalization, those requiring temporary rehabilitative care, and those who require assistance in meeting daily living needs. Friendly, devoted staff includes registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants and restorative care personnel. They respect seniors and strive to provide a home where each resident is able to make choices and feels in control of his or her daily life.

Senior living, including assisted living, is available at nearby Good Samaritan Society – The Pines.

Atop a ridge of rolling hills, Good Samaritan Society – Jackson provides a panoramic view of the Des Moines River Valley. The center resides on a wide expanse of grass, with trees to provide shade on sunny days. An outdoor area complete with a gazebo, fish pond, and wheelchair-accessible swing, is located between wings. An enclosed courtyard off the special care unit gives ample opportunities for residents with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias to enjoy the outdoors.

Staff members take an active role in this community of 3,500 people, and the city of Jackson reciprocates by providing the best for those who call the center home. Many volunteers lend hours of time, and groups, businesses and individuals give financial support.

601 West Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-3100
Jackson Chiropractic
612 Second Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-3285
JCC Fitness Center

The Fitness Center has a complete line of cardiovascular, free-weights, and strength machines for a safe and effective exercise routine.  The most modern exercise systems have been incorporated to optimize your time and workout efficiency. 

See our website for hours and rates for membership!  Get an attitude. Get healthy. Join the JCC Fitness Center!

1128 Noorth Highway
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-6627
Lewis Chiropractic
711 Third Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4390
Prairie Rehab & Fitness Center

Our Mission: Prairie Rehabilitation Services will be a leader in rehabilitation and wellness. Through a steadfast quest for excellence, we will have a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.

North Highway 71
816 3rd Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4333
Roggow Dental Clinic
604 Second Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-3910
Sacred Heart Mercy Health Care Center
803 Fourth Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-3571
Sanford Hospice
Choosing hospice care for yourself or a loved one can be a difficult decision. Days, months or years may have been spent on curative cares to halt a disease process. But now, as you and your medical team begin to understand that curative treatments are no longer the focus, it is time to consider hospice care. With hospice, comfort, symptom control, and enhancing quality of life are the focus.

Hospice care is centered on the patient and caregivers. A physician led team of nurses, social workers, nurse aides, chaplains and volunteers work together to provide the best care possible. Sanford Hospice has been serving area patients and families for 23 years, our hospice nurses have many years of hospice experience, including symptom management and pain control.

Many hospice patients choose to remain, and receive care in their own homes, amid familiar surroundings and where everyone is most comfortable. But it this is not possible the hospice team will come to a nursing home, hospital, assisted living, or hospice cottage. Sanford Hospice also offers the option of a residential hospice facility. The Sunset Cottage is located in Worthington, MN.

PO Box 652
1935 Woodland Court
Worthington , MN 56167
Phone: (866) 655-1017
Sanford Jackson Medical Center
Sanford Jackson Medical Center is located in the heart of Southwestern Minnesota. The combined hospital and clinic serves the people of Jackson County and the surrounding area.

We strive to offer excellent healthcare through the efforts of our dedicated staff. Through our long-term partnerships with Sanford Health (formerly Sioux Valley Health System) and the Jackson Health Care Foundation, we have established a strong local community-based health center focused on providing quality healthcare close to home.

Our services include emergency medicine, acute care, chemotherapy treatment, physical and occupational therapy as well as general surgery and family medicine. Our website offers you information about our medical staff, visiting specialists, the latest news and events, as well as information about our clinics and service offerings.

Visit our hospital or clinics for all your healthcare needs.
1430 North Highway
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-2420
Fax: (507) 847-3728
The Pines (Assisted Living)

The Good Samaritan Society – The Pines in Jackson, Minn., is a senior living community that strives to provide residents with everything they need to live life how each individual resident defines it for him or herself.

Good Samaritan Society – The Pines offers 35 private one- and two-bedroom apartments for individuals 55 years of age or older who may benefit from available supportive services. Residents furnish the apartments with their personal treasures, providing all the comforts of home. All apartments come with a full kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room areas. Each apartment also includes an individual air and heat controlling unit.

This is the time to enjoy the best things in life. The Pines excels at creating an environment full of comfort, laughter, family and freedom. There is no want that supersedes the need to feel loved, valued and at peace with oneself. And, there is no better way to accomplish that than by experiencing God's love in Christ firsthand. Residents, staff members and volunteers become part of a family at The Pines — where the mission is to share God's love in word and deed.

1508 North Highway
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-5763

Financial Services
Bank Midwest
509 Third Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-3010
Fax: (507) 847-4645
Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Alpha
210 Main Street North
P.O. Box 8
Alpha , MN 56111
Phone: (507) 847-3620
Fax: (507) 847-4057
Jackson Federal Savings & Loan
414 2nd Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4714
Fax: (507) 847-4766
LaPorte Group Mortgage, Inc.
614 2nd Street
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4466
Fax: (507) 847-4977
United Prairie Bank
202 Grant Street
P.O. Box 25
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4700
Fax: (507) 847-5649

Downpayment & Closing Assistance
City of Jackson
Economic Development Office
The Community Purchase Partnership Program (CPPP) is available for residential down-payment and closing cost assistance through the City of Jackson.   The CPPP, provides loan funding to help with down payment and closing costs.  Qualified applicants who purchase a home in Jackson may use the funds to help make their dreams of a home come true!  Click on the link below for more information.

Community Purchase Partnership Program

82 West Ashley
Jackson , MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4423

Day Care Providers
Day care providers play a vital part in a community.   The communities of Jackson County have a variety of in home and facility based day care providers.  Please click here  to access the  Jackson County Department of Human Services webpage.