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2011 Employee Survey
Jackson Economic Development Corporation

The purpose of this survey was to gather information from those employed in Jackson County about living, shopping and playing in Jackson County. The survey’s 20 questions were crafted to elicit responses that would assist researchers in attempting to identify motivations for or against living and/or spending time in the communities of Jackson County.

Findings will assist the mission of the Welcome to Jackson County Communities Committee, a group of local individuals, intent on attracting those who work in the communities of Jackson County to live, shop and play in those very communities.

If you have questions or comments on the Survey Results Report, please contact the Jackson Economic Developement Speedmaster Replica Office

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Cost of Commuting Calculator
Do you wonder how much it costs to commute to work everyday? Check out this website which has a cost of commuting calculator.
Cost of Living Comparison
You hear it all the time, it is cheaper to live here or it is cheaper to live there.   Looking for the facts?   Check out the link below to see a comparison of the Cost of Living Indexes for nearby areas.  The information for the chart was gathered from
Jackson County Central Schools
Todd Meyer
At Jackson County Central Schools, we are PROUD of our scholastic achievements.    While we know that statistics and test scores don't tell the whole story, it is a place to begin.   Please select the links below for more information on JCC Schools:

Class Size / Teacher to Pupil Ratio

Adequate Yearly Progress

MCA Test Scores

JCC Graduation Rates
2011 – 99%
  ~  2010 – 100%

2009 – 100%  ~  2008 – 98%

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